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Welcome to the Polls. Here you will be able to vote on anything you like... If you would like to suggest a poll or have any features that you would like to see, send an email to
We have developed a complicated algorithm to handle the votes to ensure fairness. Each vote will count one point.
You are allowed to add items to the polls, but be consciensious about what you add as we track who has added what and will suspend accounts.
If you want to delete you votes go to your user profile page and you can delete them there
Favourite Animals
You can vote for your favourite animals in this poll... if you want to vote for the baby of a species separetly then that's fine... Party Animals do not count!!!
Do you swollow or chew your yoghurt
its not that hard a question...simple, do you chew or swollow?
Favourite Song of All Time
Obvious Poll, but write the name of the artist, followed by a dash '-' and then the name of the song... you can vote for ten... don't beg for more!!!
Best Movie
What do you think were the best movies of all time?
Best Book
What do you think is the best book of all time? Write the book title followed by a dash '-' and then the author's name.
Sexiest Woman
Who is the sexiest, hottest, most alluring woman/babe/girl of all time?
Best Band/Group of All Time
This is the Band or Groups Poll, There will be different polls for individual artists. So vote for two or more people making what you think is good music here.
Greatest Guitarist of All Time
Quite simply, the hottest purveyor of six string magic.
The Most Useful Invention
The most useful invention or innovation...
The Worst Invention
The worst invention or innovation... something that we have, that we really could do without.

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