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Posted 30 July 2008 07:31

Big Boss Man

Big Boss Man

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john washington hightower
june 26, 2007
four fried pork chops, collard greens with boiled okra and "boiling meat", fried corn, fried fatback, fried green tomatoes, cornbread, lemonade, one pint of strawberry ice cream and three glazed donuts

patrick bryan knight
june 26, 2007
fried pork chops and chicken, garlic toast and ice cream

jimmy dale bland
june 26, 2007
hot and spicy chicken breast, two slices of sausage pizza with extra cheese, a slice of German chocolate cake, a pint of French vanilla ice cream and a Dr. Pepper.

calvin shuler
south carolina
june 22, 2007
t-bone steak, well done with A-1 Steak sauce, baked potato, french fries, grape drink and chocolate cake

gilberto reyes
june 21, 2007
bbq turkey legs and bbqbrisket, a bowl of cheddar cheese and avocados

michael griffith
june 6, 2007
breakfast food including fried eggs

christopher j. newton
may 24, 2007
steak, asparagus, brussels sprouts, feta cheese, a soft drink, cake and watermelon

robert charles comer
may 23, 2007
fried okra, four buns with lots of butter, lots of salt and two slices of banana bread.

What would you order?

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