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DJ beaten for playing the wrong type of music
A DJ hired to spin tunes at a Bedouin wedding in Israel was beaten up for playing Western music which some guests felt encouraged lewdness in the women, the Maariv daily reported on Monday. Skip related content
Related photos / videos The DJ reportedly angered some of the male guests when he put on song by the Pet Shop Boys Enlarge photo The DJ initially put on Arabic tunes for the hundreds of guests attending the event in Aroer village in Israel's Negev desert region.

At one point, he decided to stir things up and put on a song by the British electronic music duo Pet Shop Boys, causing some women to "dance exuberantly to the foreign music," angering some of the men present, the daily said.

"The fact that women were dancing at the wedding goes against tradition and is a dishonour to their husbands," it quoted one guest as saying.

Several angry young men gave the DJ a "severe beating" after he refused to go back to playing Arabic music. Police later arrested two men in connection with the incident.
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Strange Airport Names
Flight search database Skyscanner scoured its database of over 10,000 airports around the world and selected the funniest, rudest and weirdest airport names in the world.

Australian airports that made the list include Useless Loop, Broken Hill, Woodie Woodie, Wagga Wagga and Wee Waa.

Funny airport names selected by Skyscanner include Batman, Moron, Brest, Old Crow, ... Read Full Article
Look under community, polls!! There have been some improvements to entertainment over the last few months... apart from the ever growing database of venues and artists, an entire new section has been added! You can now vote in entertainment's custom built polls .... Read Full Article
Cape Town becomes world class in 2007
For some time now Global Breakthrough has been making headlines all over the world. A handful of the hottest labels and DJs in clubland will descend upon the Mother city for 2 weeks of hedonistic play. So does South Africa really know what’s in store? Think 9 events over 2 weeks joined by the who’s who in clubland. Dance in unusual locations that include a wine estate, an aquarium, a film studio ... Read Full Article
NYE in Cape Town
Well, well another fabulous year that is about to end in the Mother City. However New Years Eve is about to explode like no other. I’m writing about some of the events happening in and around town. Feel free to have a look at our upcoming events page as to more details.

Let’s see…a few clubs I would definitely recommend for NYE 2006? Chrome & Café Miam will be joined to together by Pepp... Read Full Article
Artists, albums and galleries
The Artists section has two bands in it so far...
From here on in if you want to submit information on a band that is not listed, then send it to
If you think that there is a specific band that should be listed, please send their name to the same email adress, and we'll see what we can do about it...
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First Review is up!! Posticino
The first review has been done... which for those of you in the know, means that the database has been fixed, which means that those of you who have privelidges are free to review... Go and have a look at that Posticino review in the mean time. It's a really good restaurant, and (I think) it's a really good review. Posticino ... Read Full Article
Entertainment Goes Live!!!
On the 20th of October 2006 went live online!!
There are still alot of bugs to fix and even more additional development to do. But it's here, online, and so it begins.

Mac d'Mac... Read Full Article
Entertainment's Chat works!!
The chat is working!!!
Although if you are behind a firewall, you might have a problem.
Still, he had a whole four people chatting in there the other day.
Whoop Whoop!!!!
In the near future we will have different chat rooms according to countries, styles of music etc etc

Mac d'Mac

E... Read Full Article

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